Upcoming Shows:

Past Shows:

  1. May 30: dc9 (DC) w/ The Face Accidents, An Aria, Me Monster
  2. June 28: Party Pit (DC) w/ Off With Their Heads, The Riot Before, How Low
  3. August 31:  Velvet Lounge (DC) w/ Memories from the Space Age, Mystery of Two
  4. September 13: James' House w/ Me Monster, Girth Unit, Hermit Thrushes, Henry Mills, and more
  5. September 17: the Red & the Black (DC) w/ An Aria, Detox Retox
  6. October 11: People's Media Center (DC) w/ Algebra of Need, Ante Up
  7. October 24: Velvet Lounge (DC) w/ U.S. Christmas, Caverns, Memories from the Space Age
  8. November 2: Quarry House (Silver Spring MD) w/ Flatfoot 56, Trigger Effect, Domino Team, and Bionicman
  9. November 10: The G Man (Harrisburg PA) w/ Algebra of Need, μllet áp
  10. December 19: Sidebar (Baltimore MD) w/ The Living Wrecks, Betty Sue Aside, Press Black, Mean Streets

  1. Jan 11:  Black Cat (DC) w/ The Scare, Ante Up
  2. Feb 4: Fight Club DC
  3. Feb 13: Talking Head (Baltimore MD) w/ The Scare, Press Black, Bukkake Party Tonight
  4. March 13: Bionic House (MD) w/ Bionicman, Me Monster, Lost Hands Found Fingers
  5. March 20: Mom's Pizza (MD) w/ Dawn of Desolation, The Scare, An Aria
  6. March 21: The City Tap (DE) w/ Superbuick, The Scare, Prone to Violence
  7. March 22: Velvet Lounge (DC) w/ The Scare, Ellis Ashbrook, Drunken Banshees
  8. April 16: People's Media Center (DC) w/ Landmines, The Reticents, Ambition Burning, Ante Up
  9. May 3: Quarry House (Silver Spring MD) w/ The Scare, Bionicman, the Black Shade
  10. June 4: DC9 w/ The Business, Flatfoot 56, the Reticents
  11. July 6: Corpse Fortress (Silver Spring MD) w/ Overload, Mad Minds, Frantic Onslaught, Control
  12. July 11: Krasner's Basement (MD) w/ Victor! Fix the Sun, We Were Skeletons, MWNA
  13. July 12: Some house in DC w/ no PA - sweet BBQ - w/ Victor! Fix the Sun, We Were Skeletons
  14. August 12:  Black Cat (DC) w/ The Mishaps, The New Dumb
  15. September 2: The Ottobar (Baltimore MD) w/ Blacklist Royals, The Scare, Ramrod
  16. September 27: Rich from Stressed Out's Pad (New Brunswick NJ) with Cold and Come of Age
  17. November 6: the Wherehouse? (Philadelphia PA) w/ Fuck Attack, Rat Healer
  18. November 7:  ABC NO RIO (NYC) w/ Cinema Cinema, RTronika, Cojoba
  19. November 14:  DC9 w/ Gallows, The Scare

  1. March 14:  Quarry House (Silver Spring MD) w/ The Reticents, Fuck Attack, Dynamite Fishermen
  2. May 20: 0'Shayghnessy's (VA) w/ Dynamite Fishermen, Nervous Impulse
  3. July 16:  Charm City Art Space (Baltimore MD) w/ Rational Anthem, the Taxpayers, Fuck Attack
  4. July 17: JR's (Philadelphia PA) w/ Fuck Attack, A Fucking Elephant, Kingdome
  5. July 18: Black Cat (DC) w/ Worn in Red, Drugs of Faith
  6. August 21: Rock and Roll Hotel (DC) w/ Underdog, Reign Supreme
  7. August 28: Black Cat: (DC) w/ Daycare Swindlers, Nervous Impulse, Dynamite Fishermen

  1. January 8: Vito's Pizza (MD) w/ Voyage in Coma, The Escape Artist, Old Crow
  2. February 18: The Sidebar (Baltimore, MD) w/ The Skipjack, South Carey, Snallygasters
  3. April 9: Mitchell Hall (GWU) w/ Trunks and Tales, Memories from the Space Age
  4. June 5: Old Firehouse # 3 (VA) w/ The Eurotics, Sadplant, Walk the Plank, and Daycare Swindlers
  5. July 16: O'Shaugnessy's (VA) w/ Dynamite Fishermen and Like No Tomorrow
  6. August 12: Tipsy Teapot (Greenville, NC) w/Cannons, Start Again, Hounds
  7. August 13: Reggie's (Wilmington, NC) w/ Mortal Man
  8. August 14: Little Bar (Philadelphia, PA) w/Cannons, The Nosebleeds, Holy Dirt
  9. August 15: Black Cat (DC) w/Cannons, Voyage in Coma
  10. October 26: Red Palace(DC)  w/ Beasts of No Nation, LTW
  11. October 29:  Hell-o-ween Blowout @ Bionichouse w/ Bionicman, Sanhedron, The Civics Club 
  1. February 2: Cellar Door (VA) w/ Walk the Plank, Aggro or Die, Shark Fist
  2. April 20: El N Gee (CT) w/ Blastmat, All for Spite, Westside Infection, The Abductors, Broke Life
  3. April 21: The Zoo (New Brunswick NJ) w/ Less Life, Escapist
  4. April 22: Tommy's Tavern (Brooklyn NY) w/ Cult War, EndAnd, Capita Clip
  5. June 27: DC9 (DC) w/ Retox, Regents
  6. June 29: Sidebar(Baltimore)  w/ Walk The Plank, The Johnnys, Rodent Lord, Pipe Smoking Rabbits
  7. July 15: Ras Hall (DC) w/ A Wilhelm Scream, Holy Mess, Walk the Plank, Colombian Necktie
  8. August 19:  The Lab (VA) w/ Worn in Red, Walk the Plank, Man is Doomed
  9. Sept 29: KEEP IT A THREAT - Detroit, MI w/ Aggro or Die, Walk the Plank, the Handme Downs, SNAFU, Common Enemy,  and more
  10. October 6: STPPfest @ Codmother (DC) w/War on Women, Cannons, Toy Store Riot, + others
  11. October 6: STPPfest @ Old Dominion (DC) w/Cannons + others
  12. November 3: Casa Fiesta (DC) - w/ Walk the Plank, The Handme Downs (Detroit MI), Pharmacists, Centerfield
  1. June 1:  The Lab (VA) w/ BSR, Dynamite Fishermen, Tideland, Teamster
  2. August 9: Rock & Roll Hotel (DC) w/ Defeater, Octaves, Walk the Plank
  3. October 25: Todd Body's Muscle Shop (Philadelphia, PA) w/ Cannons, Knife the Symphony
  1. March 6: Annabell's (Akron, OH) w/ A City Divided, Hand of Zeus
  2. March 7: The Rockery (Wyandotte, MI) w/ Aggro or Die, Touch, Sharkfist
  3. March 8: Three Kings (Convington, KY) w/ New Strange, Swear Jar
  4. March 16: DC9 (DC) w/ B.S.R., Creep Crusades, ISH
  5. June 20: Sidebar (Baltimore, MD) w/ Dead End Path, Teamster, Throwback, Aint No Mountain High Enough 
  6. August 2: BDU House (VA) w/ Walk the Plank, Entropy, Demands
  7. November 1: Hell-O-Ween Bash w/ Bionicman as "Detroit Mock City," Sanhedro, Holdfast 
  8. November 9: DC9 (DC) w/ Walk the Plank, The Sniffs
  1. January 2: Velvet Lounge (DC) w/ the Sharp Lads, Ain't No Mountain High Enough
  2. March 18: The Dizzy Rooster (Austin, TX) - SXSW
  3. October 13: The Pinch (DC) w/ Holdfast, Years Till Now, Mad Hatters
  1. March 26: The Pinch (DC) w/ Holdfast, Teamster, Consumed with Hatred, Genosha
  2. April 29: Stone Tavern (Kent, OH) w/ Bear Cave, Brother's Band, Some dude in galaxy pants
  3. April 30: 4th Street Bar (Mansfield, OH) w/ Bear Cave, Hand of Zeus, Human Animal
  4. May 12: Velvet Lounge (DC) w/ Holdfast, Cut Up, Canker Blossom
  5. June 24: The Holy Shit Basement (Philadelphia) w/ Cannons, Knife the Symphony, Altes Schwert
  6. June 25: BDU House (DC) w/ Supreme Commander, Cannons, Knife the Symphony
  7. July 14: VFW Post 9274 (Falls Church, VA) w/Six Foot Machine, Logan's Star Pupil, Neglected Republic
  8. October 1: The Rockery (Detroit, MI) w/ Aggro or Dire, Sharkfist
  9. October 22: The Recreation Center (Fredricksburg, VA) w/ Genosha, Flood the Asylum, Consumed with Hatred, Teamster, Gaffer Project
  10. December 9: The Sidebar (Baltimore, MD) w/ Pandas, Queen Wolf
  1. February 2: DC9 (DC) w/ Free Children of Earth, Full Monty
  2. March 24: Old Firestation #3 (Fairfax, VA) w/ Genosha, The Black Antler, Radical Discharge
  3. March 25: 25 Watt RVA (Richmond, VA) w/ Genosha, The Black Antler, Wolf A.D.
  4. April 21: Guido's Speakeasy(Frederick, MD) w/ My Friday Anthem, Chesi, Sea, Kyoty 
  5. April 28: The Pinch (DC) w/ The Sniffs, Ain't No Mountain High Enough, Treble Lifter 
  6. May 26: Mountain View BBQ (Orange, VA) w/ Genosha, Intercourse, Throne of Botis, Beldam, Let This Be Ours, Atlas Concept
  7. June 9: Sanctuary (Detroit, MI) w/Aggro or Die! and St. Thomas Boys Academy
  8. June 10: Displaced Manor (Lansing, MI) w/No/Breaks, Scants, Deadweight
  9. June 11: Southgate House Revival (Newport, KY) Punk Matinee w/Knife the Symphony and Silent Tongues
  10. June 30: SlashRun (DC) w/ Rocket City Riot, The Combs  
  11. September 8: Kung Fu Necktie (Philadelphia) w/ Body Spray, Spent Flesh
  12. September 9: Joe Squared (Baltimore, MD) w/ Body Spray, Pandas
  13. September 10: The Pinch (DC) w/ Body Spray, Capital Offender
  14. September 22: Taphouse (Norfolk, VA) w/ Genosha, Rebel Drive
  15. September 30: VFW (Falls Church, VA) w/ Genosha, The Donalds, 3:33, Consumed With Hatred, Love Roses, The Ambulance Review
  16. October 18: Ottobar (Balitmore) w/ Violent Ripkin, Goctogon
  17. October 21: Cherry Street Station (Wallingford, CT) w/ Intercourse, Strange Edge, Down With Rent, Rat Smasher
  18. November 3: The Pinch (DC) w/ Sharptooth, Motives
  19. November 18: Slash Run (DC) w/ Come Out Fighting, Spice Boyz, Treble Lifter
  20. December 2: Holly Jolly Hate Fest II - Toys for Tots benefit - Mountain View BBQ (Orange, VA) w/Genosha, Abhorrent Deformity, Flood The Asylum, pulses., VO/ID, Ruin By Design, World Peace
  21. December 9: Falls Church VFW w/ Genosha, Teamster, Black Matter Devices, Safeword, Those Greasy Bastards
  22. December 16: The Depot (York, PA) w/ Devix, the Gone, Shut up, Mouth  
  23. December 30: The Sound of Music (Richmond) w/ Gritter, 3:33, Love Roses, Genosha, Cut The Architect's Hand, Autopsy Affair
  1. January 1: Dudes of Hazard (Philadelphia)
  2. January 20: Falls Church VFW w/ LNT,  Charged Minds, Chuggernauts, Creep Crusades
  3. February 2: The Pinch (DC) w/ Houston and the Dirty Rats, Tomason, Houston & the Dirty Rats, The Warhawks
  4. February 28: Falls Church VFW w/ Treble Lifter, Devil in the Details, Samsara, Lord  
  5. March 31: Wonderland (Richmond) w/ The Donalds, Love Roses
  6. April 13: Falls Church VFW w/ Knife the Symphony, Genosha, Sideshow Cinema, Forges, AM Nice
  7. April 14: Fatboys Smokehouse (Fredericksburg, VA) w/ High Priest, Owl Howler
  8. June 1: SNOT FEST PRE-SHOW: The Pinch (DC) w/ Supreme Commander, Capital Offender, Screws, Never Submit, Rockaway Bitch
  9. June 2: Strangeways Brewing (Fredericksburg, VA) w/ Torino Death Ride, The Goodbye Forevers
  10. June 27: Buzzbin Shop (Canton, OH) w/ Bear Cave, Iron Bison, the Great Iron Snake
  11. June 28: Space Bar (Columbus, OH) w/ Black Antler, Come Out Fighting, Maharaja
  12. June 29: Southgate House Revival (Newport, KY)  w/ Hex Bombs, The Nothing, Rat Trap, Temporary Arrangement
  13. June 30: House (Grand Rapids, MI) w/ Come Out Fighting, The Scants, Lifeloss, Deadweight
  14. July 1: Guido's (Frederick, MD) w /No Ransom, Tomason, Flooded
  15. July 14: PAVED IN BEER - Fatboy's Smokehouse (Fredericksburg, VA) w/ Occultist, The Donalds, Owl Howler, Brainbuster, Petrichor
  16. August 17: The Recreation Center (Fredericksburg, VA)  w/ Genosha, Treble Lifter, Ruined by Design, The Donalds, Alluvian  
  17. September 20: The Pinch (DC), w/ Pears, Chill Parents
  18. November 3: Wonderland Ballroom (DC): w/ The Muckrakers, Brickwall Monty, Rise Defy
  19. December 8: Holly Jolly Hatefest 3 (Fredericksbrug, VA): w/ Genosha, Flood the Asylum, Alluvion, Thirst for the Sea, pulses., Sentius, Wolf Legion, Snipers of Babel, others.
  20. December 15: Sound of Music (RVA), w/ Genosha, The Donalds, 3:33, Treble Lifter, Torino Death Ride, Vulcanite
  21. December 16: Galaxy Hut (Arlington, VA), W/ Dirt Eater, Consumed with Hatred
  1. February 21: The Pinch (DC) w/ Doc Rotten, Brickwall Monty, Bog Roller
  2. February 24: 3Bs (Orange, VA) w/ Genosha, Infera Bruo, Destructive Nature, Drowning Ares, Thirst for the Sea
  3. March  20: Sparta Inn (Sparrows Point, MD) w/Forges, The Methmatics, Hot Shame
  4. March 21: Buzzbin (Canton, OH) w/ Bear Cave, Iron Bison
  5. March 22: The Sanctuary (Detroit)  w/ Aggro or Die, Rebel Spies, Sharks Never Sleep  
  6. March 23: Quinn and Tuites (Grand Rapids, MI) w/ The Scants, Gimmick, Thee Elder Gods, Alien Dogs 
  7. March 24: Cafe Bourbon St (Columbus, OH) w/ Primitives, Unchipped
  8. March 29: Sound of Music Studios (Richmond) - BUDDYFEST Day 1 (The Inadvertant Deerhunter Record Release) w/ 3:33, Genosha, The Donalds, Love Roses, Come Out Fighting (Detroit), Body Spray (Philadelphia)
  9. March 30: VFW 9274 (Falls Church) - BUDDYFEST Day 2 (The Inadvertant Deerhunter Record Release) w/ Walk the Plank, Caustic Casanova, Supreme Commander, Torino Death Ride, Come Out Fighting (Detroit), Rise Defy
  10. April 12: The Smiling Moose (Pittsburgh) w/ The Filthy Lowdown, Royal Honey
  11. May 10: The Pie Shop (DC) w/ Supreme Commander, Torino Death Ride
  12. June 16: Localpalozza, 3Bs (Orange, VA) w/ Illist, Drowning Ares, Time Nothing, Once Drowned, ANMHE, Ruin By Design, Followhip, Cursor
  13. June 21: The Pinch (DC) w/ Digital Drug, Reason Define, Not My Vice
  14. July 6: Slashrun (DC) w/ Vacancy, Stuck Backwards, Ruin By Design
  15. July 12: Skidrow Garage (York, PA) w/ Intercourse, Love Roses, Coffee with Lions
  16. July 14: Ottobar (Baltimore) w/ Gloop, Body Spray, Hot Shame
  17. August 9: Black Cat (DC) w/ The Whips, Des Demonas
  18. August 10: Pourhouse (Norfolk, VA) w/ Stuck Backwards, Ruin By Design, Ratbox.
  19. August 24: SNOT FEST, VFW 9274 (Falls Church) w/ Sharptooth, Black Matter Device, Rat Infested, Silent of Fifth Street, I Against Eye.
  20. November 15: CULTFEST Preshow VFW 9274 (Falls Church) w/ Dead End Lane, Sex Worker, Lounge Lizzard
  21. December 6: Slash Run (DC) w/ Bon Air, Brickwall Monty   
  1. January 5: Pie Shop (DC) w/ Walk the Plank, Meth Rats
  2. January 31: Rec Center (FXBG, VA) w/ Torino Death Ride, LNT, Ceremony(fxbg)
  3. March 2: Slash Run (DC) w/ Buildings, Bummer