For Wilderness:

"The Mostly Dead deliver the goods." -


"Mid-tempo hardcore is what this D.C. band offers up on this single.

For Slightly & Alive:

"Their tunes are solid and upbeat, enraged but intelligent... Solid jams, for sure." - Still Here Zine

"If you are the kind of person who likes their music fast, loud and obscene, I highly advise you to buy [The Mostly Dead's] EPs, Slightly and Alive... Even better, go see them live, but come ready to fucking move!" - District of Sound

"There’s that bit of straight rock and roll swagger coursing through their veins, but the songs are still enmeshed in a fine coating of venom." - Keith Rosson -

"I LOVE this record! The Mostly Dead play straight forward kick ass rock n roll in a no less than explosive manner... The Mostly Dead do nothing to hide their hardcore roots, but definitely take things a step further without falling into the “post hardcore” trap... songs that are interesting and breathtakingly urgent at the same time... you will be flipping it all night long." Chris Mattern -

"fast and aggressive... a sharp, focused listen. ...a solid 11-song collection of songs." 3/5 stars - Brian Shultz -

"sounds like a mixture of every classic punk band along with two parts shredding metal band and one part scream-fest all kept together in a burlap sack... fantastic songs" - Will Hewitt -

"Flat out tough... Their debut seven inches confirm their talent... The recordings are tight, true post-hardcore, with composition that alternates between straight hardcore and more experimental arrangements" - Matt Stabley -

"this shit rules... 4.5 stars" -